go2MONITOR Release History

Release 17.1 July 2017

Version Highlights

  • PACTOR-4
  • Inmarsat Aero
  • New receiver control concept with separate docking views for each receiver panorama spectrum display based on spectra delivered from receivers (implemented for WiNRADiO G33/G39, EM100, IZT R3000 receivers
  • Using multiple wideband input channels from supported receivers (implemented for WiNRADiO G39 and IZT R3000)
  • Added new function for extracting NB-signals from all recordings directly in ResultViewer
  • Old "Recording Viewer" GUI replaced completely through ResultViewer functions
  • Creating and editing user entries in ResultViewer
  • Added selection and multi-selection of results in a signal-Tab of the ResultViewer and various context sensitive functions for selected result
  • Improved editing of values in ResultViewer, Detail-View. Time fields editing added, numerical values editing comfort improved
  • Improved long recordings display in ResultViewer
  • Faster WB-recordings display in ResultViewer if pre computed spectra available
  • Added result type selection for "Show other results" option in ResultViewer, Signal-Tab
  • Pre computed spectra are stored with WB-recordings from SignalServer for faster display
  • File playback options added: History, Playback-Speed and manual editing of center frequency$
  • Additional channel bandwidth added to narrowband channel bandwidth list, equal to the maximal bandwidth which can be extracted from the wideband input (only if less then max allowed channel bandwidth)
  • Default raster for the channel raster option reduced from 1kHz to 100Hz
  • Messaging performance-improvement for large systems with many BCU instances
  • SignalServer wideband recording bandwidth is now limited by the license (default 1MHz, can be increased depending on hardware)
  • SignalServer recordings are now split in max 2GB big WAV-files
  • Added warnings if more than 200 modems are used in one production
  • Double-click on a result in ResultViewer table opens its detail
  • "Del" shortcut not used anymore for deleting items from ResultViewer table
  • Changed frequency axis display for real-values signal (0Hz is the leftmost frequency now)
  • Added support for CodeMeter copy protection

New Release Numbers

All go2SIGNALS products use now the same version number scheme that takes the last 2 digits of the year the release started followed by the release number within that year.

Features and Improvements

  • Panorama display with zoom, and fast scan (if supported by the receiver)
  • ResultViewer: New function to add user entries to the database
  • ResultViewer: Extract signals from wideband recording for further processing
  • Classifier: Performance increased
  • Improved handling of receivers with multiple wideband/narrowband streams or groups of receivers. Flexible setup with multiple wideband inputs, DDC channels or narrowband receiver streams.


  • Measurement of SNR, noise and signal power during production (optional)
  • New demodulator for Pactor-4: all speed levels
  • Pactor-4
    • complete decoding of all speed levels
    • post-processing (decompression) of airmail/sailmail emissions (if possible)
  • INMARSAT AERO-P (physical layer only)
  • INMARSAT AERO-C (physical layer only)
  • INMARSAT AERO-T (physical layer only)
  • INMARSAT AERO-R (physical layer only)
  • INMARSAT-C TDMA (detection only)
  • Turkish Navy FSK (similar to STANAG 4481 FSK)
  • DMR
    • decoding of short messages
    • improved output of Manufacturer FID
  • DMR Continuous
  • voice output
  • improved output of Manufacturer FID
  • faster detection
  • POCSAG: added modem with shift of 6 kHz (default is 8-9 kHz)
  • STANAG 4481 FSK: added detection of KG-84 encryption
  • Pactor-I: decoding of Robust Connect bursts
  • dPMR: decoding of short messages
  • APCO-25: faster detection


  • Support for SIR 2110 receiver
  • Support for thinkRF receiver
  • Panorama-Spectrum and Scan-Spectrum implemented for R&S EM100
  • Panorama-Spectrum and Scan-Spectrum support for IZT R3000
  • Multichannel support for WiNRADiO G39
  • Multichannel support for IZT R3000

Classifier (BCU)

  • Classifier: New with QAM, WFM, MCFSK2 (Multichannel FSK2)
  • Classifier: Direct protocol classification for
    • APCO-25
    • CODAN 3012 16 Channel PSK
    • CODAN 3212 16 Channel PSK
    • DMR
    • DMR Continuous
    • dPMR
    • D-STAR
    • HFDL
    • LINK11 (CLEW)
    • LINK11 (SLEW)
    • MIL-STD-188-110A Serial (single-tone) mode (a.k.a. STANAG 4539 )
    • MIL-STD-188-110B/C App. C (a.k.a. STANAG 4539 HDR )
    • MPT1327 1200Bd MSK
    • NXDN 2400/4800 Bd
    • PACTOR-4
    • STANAG 4285/4481 (PSK)
    • STANAG 4529
    • TERTRA Up-, downlink
    • Improved Scan-Mode support for IZT receiver (continuous emission tracking in Scan mode)

Remote Control interface:

  • Removed quality threshold parameter from Production task (Default 70% will always be used)
  • Added new functions for extracting NB-signals from recordings (Offline-DDC)
  • Added Production-Task parameter to turn on SNR calculation
  • Changed BCU status in case of empty signal input (was TRANSLATION-> is now OK)
  • Added some debugging tools in the package (as_commander)


Release 4.2, 21. Dec. 2016

Version Highlights

  • Contestia
  • CIS FSK 200/500
  • Classifier with OTH-radar detection
  • New channel function to store symbols in a *.REC file during decoding (Input file for go2ANALYSE)
  • Maximal channel bandwidth increased from 50 kHz to 300 kHz (nice for FMW)
  • Support for sender and system positions
  • Position display in map (geolocation)
  • Automatic monitoring entering a region
  • GUI for receiver setup and configuration
  • Receiver NARDA NRA-6000, NRA-3000, NRA-2500, IDA 2
  • Receiver IZT SignalSuite R4000

Features and Improvements

  • Automatic audio demodulator settings option added in real-time channel and in offline au-dio player
  • New channel function to store symbols in a *.REC file during decoding
  • Maximal channel bandwidth increased from 50 kHz to 300 kHz (FMW)
  • "Activation by region" AutoMon function turned on by default in all configurations
  • ResultViewer: String wildcards (‘*’) must be used explicitly. If wildcards are not used, equality operator will be used.
  • Saving GUI properties/perspective improved
  • IF-Server deletes data automatically if free space is less than 2% of the total free space (5% in old versions)
  • "Delete lookups" option in ResultViewer to delete modem/modulation values used in corresponding combo-boxes in advanced filter and detail window
  • Wideband recording will be deleted synchronized with deletions from the IFServer ("Delete all data" function and automatic deletion of old data )
  • ResultViewer Detail-Window is updated with some delay to allow faster stepping through table items
  • Improved modulation type information for production results display in ResultViewer ( for example, "Voice USB" instead of "Voice A3E/J3E")
  • All product versions now use fast FCDDC algorithm for NB-signal extraction (previously used only with SignalServer’s 32ch option)
  • Search for one-channel emissions in ResultView now possible
  • Support for sender and system positions:
    • System position can be defined and attached to all results
    • Sender (transmitter) position can be defined/retrieved and displayed for all results (detail and overview displays in ResultViewer)
    • Filtering based on sender or system position added in ResultViewer
  • Receiver configuration (adding, removing, configuring, testing) can be done comfortably by using a graphical user interface
  • Dynamic masking of results in ResultViewer based on Frequency, Emission-ID or Nominal frequency
  • Editing fields in ResultViewer is now possible for almost all result fields
  • Nominal frequency rounding to customizable values
  • Editing frequency entries in AutoMon TaskWizard added
  • Frequency names from AutoMon task definition will be inserted in AutoMon results for matching frequencies (new field "Frequency name" in all results added)
  • Automatic splitting of long recordings in manual mode (256MB file size, configurable)
  • Task/Mission fields in advanced filter use lookup dropdown
  • Selection between frequency search and "exact frequency" mode during decoding in manual-mode channel added
  • Tooltip in Task-Activity window is now shown only on first table column
  • Performance optimization for GUI displays in case many receivers or system components are used in a complex system
  • Support for IZT R3xxx SYNC option (RCM, custom configuration needed)
  • "Open as signal input" ResultViewer function switches automatically to File signal input


  • General
    • Modem search mode switched from "search first" to "search best"
    • Use automatic gain control (AGC) for NF recordings of FM Voice
    • Significantly increased demodulation quality and frequency stability of (G)MSK demodulator
  • Demodulators
    • New demodulator for Chirp signals
    • Added special mode to FSK2 matched demodulator for asynchronous Baudot signals
    • Significantly increased demodulation quality and frequency stability of (G)MSK demodulator
  • Decoders
    • POCSAG: automatically switch to alphanumeric or numeric output format; this is important for senders that do not follow strictly the standard protocol. Added timestamp to output
    • DMR: significantly improved quality of voice output
    • Flex: added timestamp to output
  • New Decoders:
    • Contestia
    • CIS FSK 200/500
  • New detector for
    • PACTOR4 improved


  • New receivers:
    • Receiver NARDA NRA-6000, NRA-3000, NRA-2500, IDA 2
    • Receiver IZT SignalSuite R4000
    • AirSpy (experimental)
  • Changed handling of sub-bands 1 and 40 for SIR 511x: Bandwidth increased to cover the complete used bandwidth

Classifier (BCU)

  • ASK 2/4 classifier added (UHF only)
  • Improved Pactor4 modem detection with additional modes
  • Improved detection of OTH Radar signals


  • Some missing fields added to the ICD
  • Changed parameterization for symbol storage in production tasks (removed obsolete streaming function)Added –conf parameter for all applications to use custom configuration files
  • Preliminary HDU interface description updated
  • Improved RemoteControl library examples
  • Complete redesign of the ICD document
  • XML-based message descriptions added ("interface" subdirectory)


  • Problems after hibernation/stand-by mode fixed
  • Prevented result detail docking windows closing with Alt+F4
  • Continuous recording was sometimes overwriting its recordings instead of creating new ones
  • BCU crash in case of invalid SignalInput fixed
  • Dragging Audio cursor in ResultViewer, Content Tab, fixed
  • Spectrogram refresh rate in narrowband channel was not sufficient for smooth scrolling
  • Fixed problems if signal selection in channel is outside of the channel bandwidth (for clas-sification and production)
  • SI-FEC: avoid recognition in case of arbitrary idle sequences
  • PACTOR: avoid runtime error when decoder output time is limited
  • CIS-14: less false positive detection
  • PACTOR FEC: fixed usage of Huffman alphabet to get better output
  • CODAN 3212 1 channel PSK: avoid runtime error
  • Some problems with stopping slow queries in ResultViewer fixed
  • BCU: Fixed some problems with modem exclusion (CIS-12)
  • Fixed reducing of BCU recognition rate after frequency change
  • Fixed problems in decoding mode in manual-mode processing channel
  • Fixed problem with detection of some modems with nominal frequency offset in decoding mode in manual-mode processing channels
  • Fixed some problems with continuous recording function
  • SSC: Fix blocking after cleanup message
  • BCU: Fix a bug where emissions outside of a job scenario never get finished
  • BCU: Use tone duration instead of baud rate for multi-tone
  • BCU: Fix mix-up between MC-PSK/OFDM and FSK
  • BCU: Fix FSK2 detection when emission bandwidth << channel bandwidth
  • BCU: Fix problem with reduced classification rate after frequency change

Included Component

  • SSC: v4.2.0APC Controller: v6.2.0
  • APC: v6.2.0
  • SignalServer: v4.2.0
  • BCU: v4.2.0
  • RCM: v2.3.0
  • WiRAS: v4.2.0
  • GUI: v4.2.0
  • ResultViewer: v4.2.0
  • Database: v9
Release 4.1, 30. Jun. 2016

Version Highlights:

  • OFDM classifier added
  • Throb and ThrobX
  • MT63
  • Autocab
  • Voice A3E Air Traffic
  • Clansman
  • Detector for Thales System 3000 Skymaster Selcall
  • Detector for Panther-H start sequence bursts

Features and Improvements:

  • New function for storing and reusing ResultViewer filters
  • Using relative time ranges in Time/Frequency filter in ResultViewer
  • Various advanced options added to AutoMon (Blocking frequencies globally or for task only, Lead time selection…)
  • Script-Based system actions (option)
  • Script-Based context sensitive actions in ResultViewer
  • Offline Audio demodulator and player in ResultViewer
  • Global blocked frequency list in AutoMon
  • Task/Mission Export/Import function for AutoMon
  • Multiple selection in ResultViewer
  • User-defined shortcuts in ResultViewer
  • Decoder-Text is stored in the database to enable fast search
  • Using multiple columns for sorting in ResultViewer table
  • Export and Delete functions in ResultViewer improved (progress bar, can be interrupted by the user)
  • Improved update behavior in ResultViewer if result has changed (no complete update, visual indication only)
  • Improved performance of Tasks/Missions deletion (results will not be deleted automatically anymore)
  • Improved matching between results and recordings in ResultViewer
  • New ResultViewer option: „Show all results for each matching emissions“
  • AutoMon Mission APC production mode can be selected (Offline/Realtime)
  • ResultViewer can now be used as a standalone application (license-dependent)
  • Added antenna information in the database and AutoMon (optional, custom configuration needed)
  • Nominal frequency information delivered from BCU and APC are stored in database
  • Added separate display for channels 2-4 of the decoder output
  • Result data is not automatically retrieved in ResultViewer upon start. The user has to apply filter explicitly Keyboard shortcuts available only on wideband spectrogram, not on channel spectrograms
  • German version of the GUI available
  • Receiver configuration changed: no commenting of XML parts anymore, active flag for receivers added
  • Added Plath SIR receiver configuration


  • General
    • XML result output is completely encoded as UTF-8; charset command from decoder to switch encoding is handled internally
    • added information about burst start and end time from demodulator (only if burstmode is enabled) or decoder (if DDL command is sent) to production results
  • Modems
    • added DSC-HF with shift of 500 Hz
    • added Olivia 8/250 and Olivia 16/500
    • corrected value for offset nominal frequency of several modems
  • Decoders
    • Pactor II: soft decision implemented to improve output quality
    • HFDL: support for PSK4
  • New decoder for
    • Throb and ThrobX
    • MT63
    • Autocab
    • Voice A3E Air Traffic
    • Clansman
  • New detector for
    • Thales System 3000 Skymaster Selcall
    • Panther-H start sequence bursts

Classifier (BCU)

  • OFDM classifier added
  • PSK16 classifier added
  • MSK/GMSK classifier added
  • Tetrapol modem recognition
  • Improved segmentation in VUHF frequency range


  • Generic objects (external applications) can be added to the system and monitored
  • Added Antenna information in SignalInput activation message
  • Added nominal frequency fields in modulation types chapter
  • Added scheduling-related commands
  • Added support for digital audio streaming from APC
  • Minor document corrections regarding field types and optional flag


  • Data loss and performance problems with using WinRadio receivers fixed
  • Errors with using Zoom-out in ResultViewer fixed
  • Fixed problem with storing some special characters in the MySql Databass
  • Resource problems after restarting single APC channels fixed
  • GUI behavior in Viewer mode with multiple active signal inputs fixed
  • Fixed problem with running in parallel with PROCEED
  • Problems with streaming signal in loop from DANA fixed
  • Fixed crash when deleting all data from the database
  • Fixed problems with using network paths beginning with “\\” in system installations
  • Fixed some problems with wideband recording reliability
  • BCU memory leak in some system configurations fixed
  • Fixed problem with BCU emissions with large bandwidth fluctuations
  • Fixed problem with falsely reporting variable burst type for some BCU signals
  • APC: PSK63-FEC: less false positive detection
  • APC: PSK31-FEC: less false positive detection
  • APC: PMR: error correction improved
  • APC: STANAG 4415: avoid recognition of STANAG 4539 signals
  • APC: STANAG 4529: less false positive detection
  • APC: STANAG 4481 FSK: less false positive detection
  • APC: HFDL: output of all LPDUs
  • APC: ALE-3G: output of '@' character was missing
  • APC: Voice A3E: avoid detection if carrier is not within parametrized frequency search range

Included Component

  • SSC: v4.1.0
  • APC Controller: v4.1.0
  • APC: v6.1.0
  • SignalServer: v4.1.0
  • BCU: v4.1.0
  • RCM: v2.1.0
  • WiRAS: v4.1.0
  • GUI: v4.1.0
  • ResultViewer: v4.1.0
  • Database: v7
Release 3.2, 5.Feb. 2016

Version Highlight:

  • Support for live multichannel digital-voice output (see PMR modem list for supported modems)
  • New function for setting/querying/filtering result flags
  • New Structuring-View in ResultViewer for script-based result structuring
  • Direct SQL usage to extend ResultViewer filter
  • Support for creation of Python scripts for different contexts (GUI Automation, Results structuring,…)
  • Improved Resource View performance for complex system configurations
  • Added Emission-ID field in the result database to enable grouping of all results created from one AutoMon trigger
  • ChannelDistance field added to result database
  • Added “Maximize Spectrogram” function
  • Minimal required modem bandwidth is taken into account when determining DDC channel bandwidth in AutoMon
  • Improved Idle-Signal detection speed in AutoMon


  • New decoder for X6 Mazielka
  • New decoder for ERMES
  • New decoder for DSTAR (data and voice)
  • DMR
    • Add Trunked mode (Tier III)
      • Layer 3 PDUs (Data and Voice)
      • Base station activation and deactivation
      • Call setup, maintenance and tear-down
      • Destination addressing
      • built-in services
      • data call control
      • Announcement signaling
      • Trunk Station Control Channel (TSCC) outbound channel
    • Improved Tier I and II
      • Manufacturers Feature ID (MFID)
      • Layer 3 PDUs (Data and Voice)
      • Layer 3 information element coding
  • Pactor I
    • enabled output of binary file
    • added option to stop modem after initial addressing
  • Packet 300
    • output with ISO8859-15 Encoding
    • Hex output added (on channel 16)
    • force output if CRC is incorrect•
  • CIS 36-50
    • synchronization improved
    • Output of sync and session key
    • Added modem files with shift of 200 and 500 Hz
  • Improved APC restarting process: only single APCs will be restarted in case of a problem

Classifier (BCU)

  • TETRA modem classification added (license-dependent)
  • Performance improvement of ~30-40% in the modulation classification process
  • Improved emission splitting in some cases (VUHF)
  • Improved FSK2 symbol-rate calculation in case of asynchronous FSK
  • Improved modem matching tolerances for multi tone emissions (determining positive/negative modem list's)
  • Using bandwidth outside of declared receiver bandwidth for SIR receiver added
  • Configuration of separate max. bandwidth limits for different classifiers and different frequency ranges (integration setting for custom setups only)


  • Simplified ICD description of audio streaming format. Some audio-related field names changed (same IDs – backward compatible)


  • License check removed; can run standalone on a different computer


  • Fixed problem with broken TCP connections when using SignalServer channels
  • Some cases of modulation change in a single BCU emission fixed
  • Fixed problem with minimizing AdvancedFilter and restoring its position
  • Channel raster should not be applied if emission was dragged ‘n dropped from Classification/Station-views
  • Fixed several issues affecting configurations with NB-receivers only (without Software-DDCs)
  • POCSAG recognition: shift tolerance increased
  • Less false-positive recognitions: FEC-A, PSK31, PSK31-FEC, LINK11 CLEW, DGPS, PSK63,QPSK31• PSK250: no output in case of idle sequences
  • Link-11 SLEW: channel bandwidth was too large which could cause erroneous measurement of center frequency

Included Component

  • SSC: v3.2.0
  • APC Controller: v5.2.0
  • APC: v5.2.0
  • SignalServer: v3.2.0
  • BCU: v3.2.0
  • RCM: v2.0.0
  • WiRAS: v3.2.0
  • GUI: v3.2.0
Release 2.2, 12.Feb 2015


  • Decoders are split up into 3 packages (required because of export law):
    • Standard (always part of go2MONITOR
    • PMR Option
    • MIL Option
  • New "32-Channel Option", extends the number of software-based DDC channels to a multiple of 32
  • In combination with the "32-Channel Option", it is possible to use offline modem recognition and decoding in AutoMon mode
  • User-configurable frequency-step option for AutoCoverage in AutoMon mode
  • New WiNRADiO G31DDC/G39DDC receiver configuration, added support for multiple G31DDC/G39DDC receivers for go2MONITOR


  • STANAG 4539 HDR, soft decision/equalizer implemented which tremendous improves the decoding quality
  • Use of preamble symbols for burst detection in HFDL, STANAG 4539 HDR, STANAG 5511 SLEW
  • STANAG 4285, additional display of the decoding progress in case alphabet detection takes longer than 15 seconds
  • APCO-25, direct production of the audio output into a WAV file
  • PACTOR 4 detector for speed modes 2 to 10
  • Voice detection improved
  • CODAN 3012/3212 16 channel PSK: burst detection improved (using the preambles)
  • HFDL, short bursts recognition improved
  • STANAG-4481-FSK, STANAG-4481-PSK, STANAG-4415, STANAG-4539: additional modes added 
  • CODAN Chirp: minor improvement of demodulation quality
  • ALE-2G: now in standard HF decoder list
  • Tetra: added support for SDS text messages
  • HFDL: soft decision demodulation added
  • New decoders for
    • Tetra DMO
    • CV-786
    • CHN 4+4: production (was detector only)
    • ALE-40
    • ALE-3G (STANAG 4538): production for BW0,1,2,4,5,6; only detection for BW3


  • Direct modem recognition added to wide- and narrowband classification for the following protocols:
    • STANAG 4285/4481 (PSK) (requires MIL decoders)
    • STANAG 4529 (requires MIL decoders)
    • MIL-STD-188-110A Serial (single-tone) mode (requires MIL decoders)
    • HFDL
  • Further improved emission detection and classification

User Interface (GUI):

  • Scripting/user functions/procedures supported by Python programming language
  • AutoMon setup wizard: Possibility to use modem lists for selecting trigger or production modems in the
  • AutoMon setup wizard layout changed to allow faster selection of triggers actions
  • ResultViewer, the FFT-length can be changed in the spectrogram preview
  • ResultViewer, optimized result display for large databases
  • ResultViewer, possibility to turn off table sorting In table view, to improve the performance with large databases
  • ResultViewer, negative search in for text fields («NOT Morse»)
  • ResultViewer, the duration fields show now milliseconds
  • Selecting "Pause" in the spectrogram also stops the update of the emissions table
  • Narrowband classifier shows burst information

Included Component:

  • SSC: v2.2.0
  • APC Controller: v2.2.0
  • APC: v4.2.0
  • SignalServer: v1.2.0
  • BCU: v2.3.1
  • RCM: v1.7.0
  • WiRAS: v2.8.0
  • GUI: v2.2.0
Release 2.1.1, 10.Jun 2014


  • PLATH SIR 5110 receiver added
  • PLATH SIR 5115 receiver added


  • GUI: Added keyboard shortcuts in Emission dock to process a selected emission directly in one of NB channels
  • GUI, SignalServer, BCU: BCU’s and SignalServer’s current frequency range is displayed in the Ressource View


  • GUI: Fixed signal errors if File-Input is used with files >2.5MHz sampling rate
  • APC Controller: Fixed occasional problem of the system not starting because APC is not yet running
  • BCU: Fixed an error that could result in distorted signals when using the fast stepping mode
  • BCU: Improvement for classification of short-time signals
  • BCU: Fixed memory leaks in FSK and MFSK classifier

Included components:

  • SSC: v2.1.1
  • APC Controller: v2.1.1
  • APC: v3.2.0
  • SignalServer: v1.0.0
  • BCU: v2.2.1
Release 2.0, 12.Mar 2014


  • New product option: “Automatic Monitoring and Tasking”
  • New product option: “Automatic Frequency Coverage” (only if “Automatic Monitoring and Tasking” option is included).
  • New product option: “20 MHz Wideband Recording”
  • New product option: “20 MHz Wideband Classifier”
  • New product option : Support for scan/panorama spectrum in manual mode (only if “20 MHz Wideband Classifier” option is included)
  • Support for processing real-valued (none complex) WAV-files
  • New module for management of custom frequencies or frequency ranges
  • All recordings are stored in the system storage – no need to choose location in GUI
  • Negative search implemented in the Result Window (show * where X NOT LIKE Y)


  • Toolbar redesign
  • All applications except decoder.exe and receiver.exe are now 64-bit. 32-bit OS are no longer supported
  • Included is the latest Automatic Production Channel (APC, decoder.exe) component version, v3.2.0 (same as in v1.3)

New modems:

  • ALE-400
  • ALE-3G
Release 1.3, 13.Nov 2013


  • Updated to Automatic Production Channel (APC) Release 3.2.0
  • This release requires a new maw license file!


  • New: TETRA saves output in 4 separate WAV files (before all 4 channels in one file)
  • New Modem Lists, “HF_on_air” and “VHF-UHF_on_air” containing only frequently used modems
  • Classifier is started with <Views, Emissions>
  • New: Option Narrowband Receiver Control (NRC) added as signal input for processing channels (in parallel with existing Software-DDC channels)
  • Database for classification results, management of audio files, decoder results and recordings
  • New: ResultViewer GUI for the navigation through results.
  • New: modulation type supported in classifier: multichannel PSK (MC PSK)
  • New: A specific modem list can be defined to be used as modem list if modulation type could not be classified in “Classification+Recognition+Decoding” mode
  • New: A specific modem list can be defined to be used as modem list instead of “All modems”
  • Resources window added to the GUI to show the current status and resource usage of all components
  • New: Receiver supported: WiNRADiO G39DDC
  • New: DANA added to the product

New modems:

  • apco-25
  • gw_ofdm
  • NXDN

Renamed, modified or changed modems:

  • arq_e3_100bd_400hz
  • arq_e3_50bd_400hz
  • arq_e_cyc8_96bd_192hz
  • arq_m2_342_200bd_410hz
  • atis
  • baudot_2stopbit_75bd_500hz
  • baudot_async_50bd_170hz
  • baudot_universal_50bd_650hz
  • cis-12_psk2
  • codan3212_16channel_psk
  • dmr
  • dpmr
  • dtmf
  • dtmf_fm
  • flex
  • flex_1600bd_psk2a
  • md674
  • mobitex-1200
  • mobitex-8000
  • packet-1200
  • packet-1200_sub
  • packet-300
  • packet-9600
  • pactor
  • sitor-b_100bd_170hz
  • voice_a3e
  • voice_a3e_j3e
  • Voice_F3E_DTMF
  • voice_j3e_selcal_icao

Removed modems:

  • arq_e3_cyc8_50bd_400hz
  • codan3012_16channel_psk
  • flex_1600bd
  • md647 to PREMIUM DECODER
  • packet-300-4800
  • packet9600
  • voice_selcal_icao
Release 1.2, 13.Mai 2013

First release on sale

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