Obsolete Decoders

Legacy Decoders

Today some of standards are no longer in use as the systems are switched off or because the user prefer new modems that give better results.

Decoder End of Live Range
Inmarsat B (Land, Marine) 2016 SHF
Inmarsat Classic Aero H 2018 SHF
Inmarsat Classic Aero I (600 and 1200 bps) 2019 SHF
Inmarsat D+ (Land, Marine) 2014 SHF
Inmarsat M4 GAN 2015 SHF
Inmarsat mini M (Land) 2015 SHF
Inmarsat mini M (Marine) 2016 SHF
Inmarsat Swift 64 2019? SHF
Inmarsat-M (Land, Marine, Aero) 2014 SHF
ERMES 2005?  
Skyper 2013  
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