go2MONITOR 17.1

by Rolf Haenggi

Release 17.1 July 2017

Version Highlights

  • PACTOR-4
  • Inmarsat Aero
  • New receiver control concept with separate docking views for each receiver panorama spectrum display based on spectra delivered from receivers (implemented for WiNRADiO G33/G39, EM100, IZT R3000 receivers
  • Using multiple wideband input channels from supported receivers (implemented for WiNRADiO G39 and IZT R3000)
  • Added new function for extracting NB-signals from all recordings directly in ResultViewer
  • Old "Recording Viewer" GUI replaced completely through ResultViewer functions
  • Creating and editing user entries in ResultViewer
  • Added selection and multi-selection of results in a signal-Tab of the ResultViewer and various context sensitive functions for selected result
  • Improved editing of values in ResultViewer, Detail-View. Time fields editing added, numerical values editing comfort improved
  • Improved long recordings display in ResultViewer
  • Faster WB-recordings display in ResultViewer if pre computed spectra available
  • Added result type selection for "Show other results" option in ResultViewer, Signal-Tab
  • Pre computed spectra are stored with WB-recordings from SignalServer for faster display
  • File playback options added: History, Playback-Speed and manual editing of center frequency$
  • Additional channel bandwidth added to narrowband channel bandwidth list, equal to the maximal bandwidth which can be extracted from the wideband input (only if less then max allowed channel bandwidth)
  • Default raster for the channel raster option reduced from 1kHz to 100Hz
  • Messaging performance-improvement for large systems with many BCU instances
  • SignalServer wideband recording bandwidth is now limited by the license (default 1MHz, can be increased depending on hardware)
  • SignalServer recordings are now split in max 2GB big WAV-files
  • Added warnings if more than 200 modems are used in one production
  • Double-click on a result in ResultViewer table opens its detail
  • "Del" shortcut not used anymore for deleting items from ResultViewer table
  • Changed frequency axis display for real-values signal (0Hz is the leftmost frequency now)
  • Added support for CodeMeter copy protection

New Release Numbers

All go2SIGNALS products use now the same version number scheme that takes the last 2 digits of the year the release started followed by the release number within that year.

Features and Improvements

  • Panorama display with zoom, and fast scan (if supported by the receiver)
  • ResultViewer: New function to add user entries to the database
  • ResultViewer: Extract signals from wideband recording for further processing
  • Classifier: Performance increased
  • Improved handling of receivers with multiple wideband/narrowband streams or groups of receivers. Flexible setup with multiple wideband inputs, DDC channels or narrowband receiver streams.


  • Measurement of SNR, noise and signal power during production (optional)
  • New demodulator for Pactor-4: all speed levels
  • Pactor-4
    • complete decoding of all speed levels
    • post-processing (decompression) of airmail/sailmail emissions (if possible)
  • INMARSAT AERO-P (physical layer only)
  • INMARSAT AERO-C (physical layer only)
  • INMARSAT AERO-T (physical layer only)
  • INMARSAT AERO-R (physical layer only)
  • INMARSAT-C TDMA (detection only)
  • Turkish Navy FSK (similar to STANAG 4481 FSK)
  • DMR
    • decoding of short messages
    • improved output of Manufacturer FID
  • DMR Continuous
  • voice output
  • improved output of Manufacturer FID
  • faster detection
  • POCSAG: added modem with shift of 6 kHz (default is 8-9 kHz)
  • STANAG 4481 FSK: added detection of KG-84 encryption
  • Pactor-I: decoding of Robust Connect bursts
  • dPMR: decoding of short messages
  • APCO-25: faster detection


  • Support for SIR 2110 receiver
  • Support for thinkRF receiver
  • Panorama-Spectrum and Scan-Spectrum implemented for R&S EM100
  • Panorama-Spectrum and Scan-Spectrum support for IZT R3000
  • Multichannel support for WiNRADiO G39
  • Multichannel support for IZT R3000

Classifier (BCU)

  • Classifier: New with QAM, WFM, MCFSK2 (Multichannel FSK2)
  • Classifier: Direct protocol classification for
    • APCO-25
    • CODAN 3012 16 Channel PSK
    • CODAN 3212 16 Channel PSK
    • DMR
    • DMR Continuous
    • dPMR
    • D-STAR
    • HFDL
    • LINK11 (CLEW)
    • LINK11 (SLEW)
    • MIL-STD-188-110A Serial (single-tone) mode (a.k.a. STANAG 4539 )
    • MIL-STD-188-110B/C App. C (a.k.a. STANAG 4539 HDR )
    • MPT1327 1200Bd MSK
    • NXDN 2400/4800 Bd
    • PACTOR-4
    • STANAG 4285/4481 (PSK)
    • STANAG 4529
    • TERTRA Up-, downlink
    • Improved Scan-Mode support for IZT receiver (continuous emission tracking in Scan mode)

Remote Control interface:

  • Removed quality threshold parameter from Production task (Default 70% will always be used)
  • Added new functions for extracting NB-signals from recordings (Offline-DDC)
  • Added Production-Task parameter to turn on SNR calculation
  • Changed BCU status in case of empty signal input (was TRANSLATION-> is now OK)
  • Added some debugging tools in the package (as_commander)


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