go2DECODE 17.1

by Rolf Haenggi

Release 17.1

Version Highlights

  • PACTOR-4
  • Inmarsat Aero
    Support for Codemeter licensing

New Release Numbers

All go2SIGNALS products use now the same version number scheme that takes the last 2 digits of the year the release started followed by the release number within that year.

Features and Improvements

  • Various bug fixes.
  • Decoder/APC

    • Measurement of SNR, noise and signal power during production (optional)
    • New demodulator for Pactor-4: all speed levels
    • Pactor-4
      • complete decoding of all speed levels
      • post-processing (decompression) of airmail/sailmail emissions (if possible)
    • INMARSAT AERO-P (physical layer only)
    • INMARSAT AERO-C (physical layer only)
    • INMARSAT AERO-T (physical layer only)
    • INMARSAT AERO-R (physical layer only)
    • INMARSAT-C TDMA (detection only)
    • Turkish Navy FSK (similar to STANAG 4481 FSK)
    • DMR
      • decoding of short messages
      • improved output of Manufacturer FID
    • DMR Continuous
    • voice output
    • improved output of Manufacturer FID
    • faster detection
    • POCSAG: added modem with shift of 6 kHz (default is 8-9 kHz)
    • STANAG 4481 FSK: added detection of KG-84 encryption
    • Pactor-I: decoding of Robust Connect bursts
    • dPMR: decoding of short messages
    • APCO-25: faster detection


  • New receivers:
    • ThinkRF WSA5000-427


  • changed search strategy to load external libraries (see DDL manual for details)
  • new commands BinFileXMLOpen and BinFileXMLClose (see DDL manual for details)
  • DDL command MeasRef removed (obsolete)

Decoder Editor

  • option to enable compiler warnings


  • time display
    • added histogram view for magnitude, frequency and phase
    • added horizontal scrollbar
  • options menu
    • added checkbox to activate SNR measurement during production
  • removed option for pre-/post-carrier measurement (obsolete)
  • removed field for input of BCU Pattern (obsolete)


  • maximum emission duration can be set for each generator
  • emission start can be delayed for each generator
  • result of Eb/No measurement is shown in status bar at the bottom

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