Remote Control Interface, API, ICD

go2MONITOR offers various functions for exchanging data with other applications or systems and offers full remote control capabilities.
go2MONITOR is an open system and you can combine our software with other products or solutions

  • Remote Control of the software via TCP/IP
  • Interface Control Document (ICD) available
  • API for C++ and Java with samples
  • Directly access all result files stored in the file system or sql database
  • Use the PYTHON interface to interact with our GUIStreaming
  • Training

ICD, API for C++, Java

  • TCP is used for communication
  • Separate control of each component, high-level commands to control multiple components.
  • C++ and Java libraries to simplify software development under Windows (C++ also for Linux).
  • Remote Control package:
  • Documentation
  • Programming samples inc C++
  • Training (highly recommended)
  • Support

Python scripting

  • Create scripts by:
    • programming
    • GUI-action recording
  • Place buttons on the button bar
  • Blocking mode, enables decoder and script to run side by side.
  • You can also use scripts for data structuring, data import and export
  • Python Command line, send command from the command line or from batch files to go2MONITOR, nice for simple automation


  • Stream and control narrowband and/or wideband receivers to go2MONIOR 
  • Stream WebRadios to go2MONITOR (using DANA)
  • Stream DDC channels to go2DECODE
  • Stream audio to third party decoders. You can se go2MONITOR as a front end for many products using audio input:
    • CW Skimmer
    • MIXW
    • W-CODE, W61PC, W51PC, W41PC
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