Option: go2MONITOR-WBR

Product go2MONITOR-WBR Option
Delivery New license file for go2MONITOR
Requirement go2MONITOR-1/2/4/8
1 additional server to run go2MONITOR-WCL
Recommended go2MONITOR-4/8
Can be combined with:
Use cases Full automatic monitoring
Training Part of go2MONITOR training, 4 days
Price Ask

At a Glance

With this option go2MONITOR is able record up to 20 MHz wideband IQ data real time from the receiver without quality loss on hard-disc.


  • up to 20 MHz Bandwidth
  • Record editor
  • Sequential recording
  • Recording scheduler
  • The FFT of the input signal is stored together with the IF to provide fast spectrum display and navigation
  • Same File format as PROCITEC WiRAS (for advanced recording analysis)


The option “Wideband recording 20 MHz“ extends the recording bandwidth up to 20 MHz. A separate wideband recording component is used.

You can review and edit your recordings in the recording editor. Select and mark signals or a group of signals to be processed. It is possible to export a single signal or a selection of signals to a new file, useable as new input in go2MONITOR. This allowes with some restrictions to do manual dehopping.

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