Decode and analyse signals, develop new decoders


go2DECODE, offers signal demodulation, recognition, decoding, voice detection, technical signal analysis and advanced decoder development tools. Use this software, if you like to analyse protocols and demodulator's or if you have to implement new protocols into your go2MONITOR solution.


Product go2DECODE-L/S/P
Delivery Software
Requirement Windows 7
Recommended go2MONITOR
Use cases - Automatic single channel demodulation and production
- Signal analysis
- Decoder development (DDL)
Training 4 days
Price starting at 7'500 €

At a Glance

The threat has changed: Terrorism and asymmetrical warfare demand superiority of information. Acquisition of information means gathering and analyzing information of all potential sources.

But also the signal scenario changed: The increasing density of signals, the growing complexity and the use of modified standard modems are posing a challenge. As every signal is a message, it is necessary to analyze new emissions and to automate the collection of information. In order to do this, the highly educated specialists have to be disburdened from work, which can be done automatically.


  • Automatic signal processing of radio data and voice signals, decding, recording
  • Wide range of universal demodulators and standard decoders
  • Signal decoding from digital or analogous receivers via streaming, audio, files or internal signal buffer
  • Manual identifcation and analysis of unknown signals
  • Creation and modification of decoders with and advanced Decoder Description Language (DDL)

Radio Monitoring, beyond Data Decoding

go2DECODE provides an innovative solution for the automation of radio monitoring. It detects, demodulates and decodes known modems automatically. The system’s knowledge base is implemented as a database, describing well known standard modems.

Signal analysts fill up this signal parameter database with their knowledge about demodulation and decoding parameters. The recognition process obtains the information concerning the signal classes from this database. An adaptation to a changing scenario is possible by entering parameters of new modems. The specialist can concentrate on the analysis of unknown emissions.

go2DECODE allows for the manual analysis of these emissions as well as for the completely automatic searching, monitoring and production of the predefined standard modems.

Standalone and System Solutions

Although go2DECODE is optimised for standalone applications, it also will interact with other radio monitoring systems. Open interfaces allow for an easy TCP/IP based communication.

go2DECODE Versions

pure decding
  • Full HF, VHF UHF decoder
  • Audio, File, Input
  • Streaming, Receiver control
  • Automatic decoding
  • Recording
for the Analyst
  • all from go2DECODE light
  • Analysis functions
  • Setup decoder lists
  • DDL Editor
  • DDL Compiler
for the Programmer
  • all from go2DECODE-S
  • Signal Generator
  • DDL Debugger
  • Update contract recom.
  • Training recom.
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